[Read! Fest 2017] Book Jam: The Island in the Caldera by Lin Xueling and Stephanie Ho

BookFest@Singapore 2019
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NLB’s annual celebration of the joy of reading returns! Read! Fest 2017 invites the curious and bookish of all ages to spice up their reading diet through an array of programmes across the public libraries.

Two sisters and their talking cat companion find themselves escaping from nasty giants, battling tree dragons and befriending other strange creatures in the mysterious lands of the “Island in the Caldera”. Meet the author and the illustrator where you will learn how to become the apprentice of the last of the great Bladesmiths and get a chance to see a tree dragon claw. (Most of the places and creatures in the book can be found in Singapore – if you know where to look and aren’t too afraid of the dark.)

The author, Lin Xueling is a journalist who was born in Oxford in Britain, but was raised in Malaysia and Singapore. She is deeply interested history, geography, what makes people kind and cruel, language, science, pangolins and scary sounds in the night. Stephanie Ho (Muffinsaurs) is the illustrator for The Island in the Caldera and a passionate artist. She has been drawing since she learned how to hold a pencil and her inspiration comes from her daily encounters. Her current ambition in life is to create works that would put a smile on people’s faces and make them feel somewhat happier.

This programme is suitable for children aged 10 – 12 years old.

Registration is required. Seats are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

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Event Information

[Read! Fest 2017] Book Jam: The Island in the Caldera by Lin Xueling and Stephanie Ho

Start date: 9/6/17 14:00
End date: 9/6/17 15:00

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