Rasas 2019: Lengger

The Dessert Museum Pop-up at Plaza Singapura
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Lengger, a classical dance from Banyumas, Central Java, visualises gender duality and portrays an image of cheerfulness and camaraderie. This Lengger performance, titled Lobong Ilang after an ancient gending (folk song), depicts the complexity of gender, of the interconnectedness of masculinity and femininity. The dancers are accompanied by a traditional bamboo gamelan ensemble or calung, which creates a warm atmosphere.

Fri & Sat: 7.45pm & 9.30pm
Sun: 7.15pm & 9pm

Duration: 45 min


Event Information

Rasas 2019: Lengger

Start date: 11/10/19 0:00
End date: 13/10/19 23:59

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