A Peter Rabbit Tale

A Peter Rabbit Tale
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Where is Peter Rabbit?

Peter is tired of doing the chores and dealing with his goody two-shoes twin sisters. It looks like the only option for him is to leave his warm rabbit hole and run away into the big world – somewhere he can do whatever he wants and be free of responsibility. But as Peter struggles to live with other animals, from feisty squirrels to sewing mice, he begins to realise his life at home might not have been so bad after all.

A Peter Rabbit Tale is based on the beloved children’s classic by Beatrix Potter and beautifully reimagined by Sarah Bundt.

Join in on a musical adventure of new places and new faces as Peter discovers the importance of family and the wonderful freedom of being yourself!

Event Information

A Peter Rabbit Tale

Start date: 24/2/17 0:00
End date: 14/4/17 23:59

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