Orchids of the Amazon

Orchids of the Amazon
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Exotic epiphytic orchids from the faraway Amazon region are brought closer to Singapore in Cloud Forest’s Orchids of the Amazon, where 50 varieties are showcased amidst a lush green landscape of ferns, aroids and bromeliads that bring to mind the dense foliage of the rainforest. The Amazon rainforest has unparalleled biodiversity, which includes over 700 orchid species. Cloud Forest’s Orchids of the Amazon offers visitors the rare opportunity to experience a tiny sample of this incredible range. With the Amazon Rainforest being home to a wide variety of biodiversity, the display also includes replicas of animals of the region such as capybaras, sloths and macaws.

Event Information

Orchids of the Amazon

Start date: 14/11/19 9:00
End date: 29/3/20 21:00

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