Light to Night @ ACM

Light to Night @ ACM
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Come down to ACM to experience four nights of mesmerising programmes, including UV body painting, interactive tours in the dark, performances, and workshops for all.

10 thru 19 Jan: 8pm to 10pm
Friday & Saturday: till 12 midnight
ACM Outdoors
View one of the exciting Art Skins on Monuments projections on the ACM façade.

10 thru 19 Jan: 10am to 12 midnight
ACM Green
Take a close look at Vertical Submarine’s Shadows of Dust and Clouds and look out for hidden messages on a giant mirror as it transitions from day to night.

Till 22 Mar: 10am to 11pm
Lobby, Contemporary Gallery, and Level 2 Foyer
View artworks of Every Step in the Right Direction, the 6th edition of the Singapore Biennale.

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Till 22 Mar: 10am–11pm
Special Exhibition Gallery
Learn about the local art scene in the turbulent 20th century by exploring the special exhibition, Living with Ink.
50% discounted entry on 10, 11, 17 & 18 Jan



10, 11,17 & 18 Jan: 7.30pm to 10pm
Discovery Room (Basement)
Travel back to experience life in a port city by going on a special multi-sensory tour in the dark led by Dialogue in the Dark.
Suitable for ages 9 and above.

Sign up for Interactive Dark Tour by Dialogue in the Dark through the following links:
10 Jan:
11 Jan:
17 Jan:
18 Jan:

17 & 18 Jan: 7.30pm to 8.30pm
Create hand-drawn postcards of your dream city with the artists of Vertical Submarine!
Suitable for beginners.

Sign up for Hand-drawn Postcard Workshop by Vertical Submarine:
17 & 18 Jan:

10, 11, 17 & 18 Jan: 7pm to 10pm
ACM Porch
Dip your arm into a swirl of vibrant colours with Psyckaholics – and watch as the effect comes to life under black light at night!

Till 22 Mar: 10am to 11pm
Level 2 Foyer
Create your own Chinese hanging scroll artwork, pick up a copy of our trail, and discover fun facts about artworks in the Living with Ink exhibition.
Suitable for ages 7 and up.



10 & 11 Jan: 8.30pm
Level 2 Foyer
Embark on a A Magical Journey with sand artist Tan Sock Fong in an enchanting, ephemeral performance.

17 & 18 Jan: 8.30pm, 9.30pm
Shadows of Dust and Clouds at ACM Green
Keep your eyes peeled for dancers from LASALLE College of the Arts performing their hypnotising Blink and it’s Gone.

10,11,17 & 18 Jan: 7pm, 8pm
Join our friendly museum guides and student docents on a highlights tour through the galleries of ACM!
Please be at the lobby 5 minutes before the tour start time.

Event Information

Light to Night @ ACM

Start date: 10/1/20 19:00
End date: 18/1/20 23:00

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