Hideaways – Creating with Nature

Hideaways - Creating with Nature
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Playeum, Singapore’s first dedicated creative space for children and families, will present their next exhibition, Hideaways – Creating with Nature from Saturday 16 April to Sunday 30 October 2016. The immersive experience will invite children to explore, observe, construct, reflect, innovate and engage with nature and natural materials through hands-on exhibits and interactive artists’ installations.

Hideaways - Creating with Nature
Hideaways – Creating with Nature

Led by Creative Director Jeremy Chu, and joined by artists’ collectives Shadowgap Suite and Shogun Creatives as well as artists Madhvi Subrahmanian and Isabelle Desjeux, each installation will be curated to provide an interdisciplinary and engaging experience serving as an important reminder of the world’s ecosystem.

Knock, Knock! Who Lives There?

By Isabelle Desjeux, Nova Nelson and Sean Yap – On special surveillance screens, children can view insects and other creatures in their natural habitats and record what they see in a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with creepy crawlies in their natural environment.

Sounds of Earth: Nature’s Ensemble

By Shogun Creatives – ‘Sounds of Earth’ is an interactive sound installation where children can create and build musical instruments with natural materials. Whether it’s new ways to rustle leaves, string together bamboo or create otherworldly contraptions, all of the children’s creations will make sounds from nature. These will be attached to a skeletal structure that will grow over the exhibition’s duration, culminating in an immersive musical extravaganza!

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Welcome to My World

The People’s Atelier – Children can imagine a world where they are as small as an insect in an immersive installation that presents the insect environment on a giant scale. They can construct shelters, which will grow throughout the exhibition’s duration, and explore sights and sounds through the eyes and ears of insects.

Make-believe Hideaway

Madhvi Subrahmanian – Informed by the artist’s love of creating secret dens as a child, this installation invites children to experience playing with clay and building imaginary habitats inspired by nature. These multiple miniature environments will be placed within a larger habitat, resulting in a collective make-belief hideaway. The collaborative installation creates a space for contemplation and a place to experience the smell, feel and environment of earth itself.

Creature Cave

Featuring animal sound pads and a range of textures and lights, infants and toddlers will revel in exploring the multi-sensory Creature Cave using their whole bodies, eyes and ears.

Dark Space

Enjoy kinetic artwork and exciting hands-on activities in this changing space throughout Hideaways’ duration, opening with Richard Kearns’ Sound Web installation.


More programmes

Featuring Tay Bee Aye, Eve Tan and Lea Vidakovic – Curated by Creative Director Jeremy Chu, Hideaways – Creating with Nature will be enhanced by a programme of multidisciplinary events and activities, including art, dance and stop-motion.
*More details to come.

Exhibition Dates
Saturday 16 April to Sunday 30 October 2016
Tuesdays – Sundays: 10 am to 6 pm

Admission Rates
Child (aged 1 – 12): $20
Accompanying Adult: Free
Additional Accompanying Adult: $10

Things to Note
– Admission tickets can be purchased at the Children’s Centre for Creativity.
– Please note that visits may be kept to 2 hours during busy periods.
– Visits made on a weekday may be shared with schools or other groups visiting the Centre.

Playeum, the Children’s Centre for Creativity and Singapore’s first dedicated creative space for children and families, encourages open-ended, exploratory learning and play. Consisting of a series of creative spaces incorporating participative opportunities, custom-built installations, technology, and in collaboration with experienced artists, the Centre is a playground for igniting imaginations.

Event Information

Hideaways – Creating with Nature

Start date: 16/4/16 8:00
End date: 30/10/16 17:00

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