Circus! Science Under The Big Top

Circus! Science Under The Big Top
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Get ready for Circus! Science Under the Big Top as it unravels the science behind popular circus acts!

Organised by Science Centre Singapore and Mediacorp VizPro International, the exhibition offers lesser-known facts about how a circus relies on a balance of artistry and science to wow its audiences. 

Through scrutinising the various circus acts and investigating illusion versus science and reality, visitors will fully immerse themselves in the magical experience of a circus.

Explore behind the scenes of close to 20 interactive circus acts:

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Elastic Acrobatics – Gain a better understanding of what it feels like to be an acrobat by performing tricks hanging mid-air using a safety harness

The High Wire – If lucky, you may get a chance to walk across a three metre high cable, of course using a safety harness

Balance Bar – Attempt to balance without touching the ground

Contortionist – Explore the art of fitting into small spaces

Sword Swallower – Control the movement of a sword swallower and discover the science behind this illusion 

Clown Alley – See some tools of the trade and clown around fully dressed in the costume at the role-play area

Feats of Strength – Discover how circus acts use leverage, compression and tension to perform amazing feats of strength


Standard: S$18 (Adult)
Standard: S$15 (Child, aged 3 to 12)
Standard: S$52 (Family Package, 2 Adult + 2 Child) 

Special Early Bird Bundle* (13 Sept – 27 Oct) unFOURgettable40 Deal for Science Centre Singapore** and Circus! Science Under The Big Top Exhibition
S$20 (Adult)
S$15 (Child, aged 3 to 12)
S$64 (Family, 2 Adult & 2 Child)

*Early bird tickets available from 13 Sept to 27 Oct through all SISTIC channels only

**Singaporeans and PRs enjoy free entry into Science Centre during off-peak weekdays.



Event Information

Circus! Science Under The Big Top

Start date: 28/10/17 10:00
End date: 18/3/18 18:00

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