Artist-led Workshop: Stop Motion Animation

Mr Candy’s Spooky House @ SAFRA Jurong
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Hideaways – Creating with Nature’s Creative Director Jeremy Chu has brought together some of Singapore’s most inventive artists to provide this multi-disciplinary programme. These workshops explore the themes of ‘Hideaways – Creating with Nature’ in depth and in different ways through these workshops led by special creators experienced in working with nature.

The stop motion animation workshop offers children an opportunity to learn about nature and the life of its tiny inhabitants. This workshop will use animation as a creative approach to understand (and also imagine) how bugs live in their habitats, that are often tucked away, hidden from our eyes. Using their imagination and observations, children will get to make, sculpt and animate the lives of bugs and their habitats.

For ages 5 to 12.

Ticket Price: $32 per child

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Event Information

Artist-led Workshop: Stop Motion Animation

Start date: 18/6/16 10:30
End date: 18/6/16 12:30

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