Sentosa Nature Discovery: Observe And Learn In An Old Monorail Station

Sentosa Nature Discovery: Observe and Learn

Take a break from the buzz of the crowds on Singapore’s island of fun and escape to nature at Sentosa Nature Discovery.

Signboard leading to Sentosa Nature DiscoveryJust a short distance away from the bustle of Imbiah Lookout, the Sentosa Nature Discovery gallery provides an overview of the flora and fauna on Sentosa and segues into a nature trail where you can experience a different, more tranquil, side of Sentosa.

Sentosa Nature Discovery Gallery

Sentosa Nature Discovery OverviewWhat do you do with an old, disused monorail station? Convert it into a gallery, of course!

The Sentosa Nature Discovery gallery occupies one of the old stations of the previous Sentosa monorail line which was discontinued in March 2005. The old Sentosa Monorail ran in a loop through seven stations from the old Ferry Terminal (now within Resorts World Sentosa), around to Fort Siloso and to the beaches and back to the Ferry Terminal.

Some of the monorail stations have been repurposed. One is now the Surrender Chambers at Fort Siloso, and another is the Sentosa Nature Discovery gallery.

Overview of Sentosa Nature DiscoveryThe Gallery provides an introduction to the eight natural habits found on Sentosa. These habitats range from coastal forests to rocky seashores to secondary forests and parklands.

Different types of barksThere are also various hands-on exhibits found under the sloped roof of the gallery. For example, you can touch and feel a variety of rocks and tree barks.

Listening stationTo hone listening skills, an activity station plays back birdsong.

Sentosa Nature Discovery: Observe and LearnOr test your observation skills at a leaf litter display.

Walking the Trails

Head to the Imbiah TrailsOnce you are done at the Sentosa Nature Discovery Gallery, head out to the walking trail to experience what you have just discovered.

Imbiah BridgeOld monorail track, SentosaTake a stroll along the Imbiah Bridge, a walkway built over a stretch of the old monorail line.

Information panels about nature in SentosaAlong the way, there are information panels about the surrounding area.

Bridge to Walking Trails on SentosaA short walk away is Mount Imbiah with walking trails that lead through some of Sentosa’s secondary forest and parkland. It provides a quick way to experience a different side to Sentosa.

Admission times to Sentosa Nature DiscoveryThe Sentosa Nature Discovery gallery is open from 9 am to 5 pm daily with last entry at 4.45 pm. Admission to the gallery is free.

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