Sushi Go: Bite-sized Table Top Game

Sushi Go is a bite-sized card game recommended for kids ages 7 and up. With cute pictures and quick game play, it will appeal to children and even has a little component of Math thrown in too.

Love Sushi?

Sushi Go Card GameThe game is set in a sushi restaurant. To start, every player receives a set of cards. These cards represent what is available to each player on the “sushi conveyor belt”.

From the deck of cards, every player chooses a card to “take off” the conveyor belt. These include sushi cards, sashimi cards, tempura cards and more.

After picking the card they want, the remaining cards then get passed to the person on the left. Simultaneously, the player receives a new set of cards from the person on the right. This represents the movement of the sushi conveyor belt and the picking process starts again.

Pick and Pass

Sushi Go is essentially a pick and pass game. In geek speak, it is also known as a drafting card game.

Each card comes with its own points. Some have conditions to be fulfilled in order to be awarded those points. At the end of the round, each player tallies up his or her score. At the end of three rounds, the person with the highest number of points wins!

3 points for Squid Nigiri
Squid Nigiri is worth 3 points!

Points on some cards, such as nigiri sushi, are straightforward. You get the points stated on the card.

Sashimi cards, Sushi GoOthers have conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to gain the points. For example, you will need to have three “plates” of sashimi before scoring any points. After all, even in real life, one plate of sashimi is never enough.

Or, if a player is collecting maki rolls, only the two players who “consume” the highest number maki rolls will receive points.

Pudding and wasabi cardsEach player has to strategise how to maximise his or her points. This is done by selecting the best combination of “food items” from the “conveyor belt” of cards that he or she receives. Strategies could include using special items such as wasabi (triples the points on the next nigiri sushi) or collecting puddings for dessert (+6 points if you eat the most dessert at the end of three rounds).

The Math component comes in when you have to tally up the points (or to keep track of your friendly competition’s points).

Go, Sushi Go

Sushi Go is a quick and enjoyable game to play with family and friends. Something to check out if you are looking for a bite-sized game to play.

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