Canberra Park: Ultimate Swing Playground, Dino Bones & Rope Course

Dino bones at Canberra Park

Canberra Park and its playground is a fun spot for a day out in the north of Singapore. This large neighbourhood park serves the surrounding residential areas and is clearly designed with play in mind.

Canberra Park opened in 2006 and underwent a $2.2 million revamp in 2014, reopening in 2015. It has three distinct play areas that provide varying levels of challenge for kids of all ages.

Swing, Swing, Swing

The park has the largest variety of swings in any playground that we have come across in Singapore. While many heartland playgrounds don’t have swings or are lucky enough to have one set of swings, Canberra Park has six, no make it seven, types of swings.

Swings at Canberra ParkThere are swings for children with disabilities. These are designed to be wider and incorporate a lap bar for safety. There are also bucket seat swings for toddlers and the standard swings. All these three are line up in a row.

Six-sided SwingAdding to the variety is a six-sided swing structure where kids can swing in towards each other.

Petal Swing at Canberra ParkA brightly-coloured, flower-petal-shaped swing stands by itself.

Standing SwingRope SwingFor more innovative takes on what a swing is, there is a standing swing (with a handhold to help users keep from toppling off) and a rope swing that multiple kids can ride on at the same time.

The seventh type of swing can be found in the next play area at Canberra Park – the inclusive play structure.

Dino Bones & Ramp Playground

Playground at Canberra ParkThe red-and-beige playground structure at Canberra Park provides a fun spot for kids to explore. It consists of ramps and walkways and has been designed to accommodate wheelchair users.

Aero Glider SwingThe play structure includes a swing platform, dubbed the Aero Glider, which allows wheelchair users to participate in the fun.

Trio of slides at Canberra Park PlaygroundThere is even a side-by-side slide that allows three kids to slide down together.

Dino bones at Canberra ParkNext to the orange playground is a dinosaur fossil play structure.

Rope Adventure

The third play area at Canberra Park Playground is a rope obstacle course.

Rope obstacle course at Canberra ParkThis rope course is amongst the longest that we have encountered in any park in Singapore.

Canberra Park rope courseStarting from a rope dome, kids can challenge themselves to make their way along net bridges, rope handholds, step plank bridges and cargo nets to get to the other side.

Climbing Net at Canberra ParkOther Facilities at Canberra Park

Canberra ParkOther facilities found at the 1.5 hectre Canberra Park include a basketball court and fitness stations. A pavilion in the centre of the park provides a sheltered spot to take a break from play.

Currently, Canberra Park does not have a car park. Visitors have to park at the nearby housing estate car park and make their way to the car park.

Canberra Park and Playground

Location: Opposite Block 325 Sembawang Crescent

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