Amazing Science-X Challenge: Expressions of Science


Students at this year’s Amazing Science-X Challenge cleverly demonstrated their understanding of science with exhibits that demonstrated phenomena such as invisibility, colour-changing and even a fire tornado.

The annual competition, now into its seventh year, challenges students from primary to junior college levels to build exhibits to engage and captivate audiences while demonstrating science concepts in clear and concise ways.

Competitors arrived at Science Centre Singapore on 15 September to start assembling their exhibits for this year’s competition. Before that, work had started earlier in the year with participants taking part in Science-X Workshops and a Science-X Clinic to learn how to give their “X-hibits” the “X-factor”.

During the judging, exhibits were first evaluated in the absence of the participants. Selected teams were then asked to present in front of a panel of experts. This year’s panel comprised representatives from Science Centre Singapore, DSO National Laboratories and National University of Singapore’s Faculty of Science.

The Gold Award Winner in Category A – Primary Schools was Rivervale Primary School. The team, made up of students, Zenden Tan, Sanjaay and Patrick, had created an exhibit highlighting the concept of eddy currents. By created induced magnetic fields, they demonstrated how opposing magnetic fields can create a drag force.


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Winners of the Silver Award were a team from the Global Indian International School, Queenstown with a wind powered water pump and a team from Yuvabharathi International School who created a vacuum cleaner. A Bronze Award went to a team from the Global Indian International School, Queenstown.

Special mentions also went to teams from Monfort Junior School and Yumin Primary School for their exhibits.

Monfort Junior School also received the School Challenge Trophy in Category A for being the best-performing primary school. It also received the Best Newcomer Trophy for excellent performance as a school participating in the competition for the first time.

Winners received their prizes from Ms Tan Yen Yen, Chairman, Science Centre Singapore in a ceremony held on 18 September 2015.


The Amazing Science-X Challenge is organised by DSO National Laboratories, National University of Singapore Faculty of Science and Science Centre Singapore.

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