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ZOOMOOV provides great fun to children and parents through cute animal rides. Hop on now to your favourite animal for a zoomoov adventure!

Cute animals? Checked. Colourful lights? Checked. Able to play along with your kids? Checked!

ZOOMOOV is introducing a brand new form of animals rides in Singapore! Not only are you able to choose from many different animals, you can also ride along with your kid! Located at various shopping malls around Singapore, ZOOMOOV aims to bring smiles to everyone!

Bring your kids down to any of our outlets to enjoy this incredibly unique experience! Follow us on facebook.com/Zoomoov to find out where we are!

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ZOOMOOV is a company operating rides for children in Singapore and Spain. ZOOMOOV creates a new play concept for kids by introducing a fun and innovative service where parent and child are able to ride together.

Follow us on:
Facebook – facebook.com/Zoomoov
Instagram – http://instagram.com/zoomoov
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/zoomoovchannel

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