Stories About Infinity and Beyond

Stories About Infinity and Beyond
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Join our storytellers at PIP’s PLAYbox as they share stories about the new year and the Year of the Dog!

Ang Xiao Ting
on 24 & 25 Feb

Karung Guni Meimei
Do you know Karung Guni Meimei? She is on a mission to collect all the lost stories in the nooks and crannies of Singapore. These are the stories that are on the brink of being forgotten. These are the voices that we do not often have a chance to hear, but with Karung Guni Meimei gives them a voice.

Cerys Ong
on 3 & 4 Mar

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Stories written by Ellison Tan Yuyang. Please note that depending on the time, not all stories will be covered at each session and there may be a repeat for the stories told.

The Story of Nian and Xi
The story of Nian is a well-known in ancient Chinese mythology, but are you familiar with the story of Nian banishing Xi? Have you ever wondered who exactly are Nian and Xi? Find out how Nian banishes Xi in this heartwarming story that tells of the origins of reunion!

A Seedling’s Dreams
A new year brings new hopes and dreams, and Little Seed wishes for growth, prosperity and the ability to travel around the world! But Little Seed is a seed after all, how can its dreams come true?

The Story of the Dog and the Bottle
The Dog that lives in the rubbish dump is smelly and dirty. One day, he meets a sad Bottle. “Why are you sad?”, asks the Dog. “Because I’m empty”, says the Bottle. The Dog tries to fill the Bottle up. The Dog wants to make the Bottle happy again. Will the Dog succeed?

Free admission.

Dates: 4 & 25 Feb, 3 & 4 Mar 2018

Duration: 30 min

Conducted in Mandarin at 11.45am & 4.45pm
Conducted in English at 3.15pm

Event Information

Stories About Infinity and Beyond

Start date: 24/2/18 0:00
End date: 4/3/18 23:59

READ: Get Your Kids Outdoors & Learning Practical Skills in Nature