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Be enthralled by the flawless fighting skills of the legendary Shaolin Monks in the ultimate show of theatre and traditional martial arts titled SHAOLIN. Following their critically-acclaimed ‘Wheel of Life’ and ‘Kung Fu Masters’ tours, 20 phenomenal Shaolin martial artists will demonstrate their expertise at the MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands, from 13 July for a limited season, in an outstanding new show titled SHAOLIN.

SHAOLIN is the perfect blend of theatre and physical prowess. The 20-member cast will perform incredible “superhuman” feats. The show combines traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, and meticulous choreography with dramatic lighting and sound that evokes the spirit of their traditions in one breathtaking performance.

Said to be the birthplace of Kung Fu, the Shaolin Temple is home to some of the best martial arts experts in the world, and provides the inspiration for this show, which takes audiences on an intrepid journey through the mystical history of this ancient tradition of fighting art. The performers will demonstrate the beautiful movements of Chi Gong & Tai Chi with the use of weapons in choreographed combat demonstrations.

Tickets available through and SISTIC.

Event Information


Start date: 13/7/16 0:00
End date: 24/7/16 23:59

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