Samba Botanica 2019

An Evening with the Gustavus Symphony Orchestra & Gustavus Jazz Ensemble
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This coming November, SAMBIESTA will perform a samba showcase for all in the heart of the Botanic Gardens. In hopes of spreading their love for Samba music to the local community, SAMBIESTA will be showcasing our repertoire of songs ranging from the original Afro-Brazilian music to modern pop song mash-ups that we all can relate to. This ties in with SAMBIESTA’s greater objective that is to make samba music relatable to the audience.

This year SAMBIESTA aims to extend their outreach by collaborating with a few schools to provide them with a platform for their own showcases, as well as to perform a segment together. The possibilities of what one can do with drums and percussion are endless. In hopes to get people from all communities to join in on the fun and relax during our performance, kick off their shoes and celebrate the groovy rhythms!


Event Information

Samba Botanica 2019

Start date: 16/11/19 18:00
End date: 16/11/19 19:30

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