Rawr! Dinosaurs Unearthed

Rawr! Dinosaurs Unearthed
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Let’s make connections between what we have read or heard and what we see. Be active observers and participants: bring a notebook, take sketches and through RAWR! Dinosaurs Unearthed, be taken on an immersive journey to a prehistoric past!

Five animatronic dinosaurs will be on display at Plaza Singapura Atrium from 26 May to 11 June 2017 accompanied with informational panels and learning points for visitors of all ages. The RAWR! dinosaurs featured have life-like movements, colours, textures and sounds, allowing the public to have unique “real life” encounters with these massive creatures.

Not to be missed is the giant 19m long Memenchisaurus, making its first appearance in a shopping mall in Singapore! At the Activity Zone, children can learn more about these magnificent creatures of the past and explore electronics as they make models of dinosaurs. Additionally, there will also be exciting 20-minute science shows at 1pm, 4.30pm and 8pm every Saturday and Sunday.


Event Information

Rawr! Dinosaurs Unearthed

Start date: 26/5/17 11:00
End date: 11/6/17 20:30

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