Playful Elves

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Playful Elves brings MEGA-sized family entertainment with Its playscape filled with ball shooters, 3 lane wave slide, driving track, table toys and bouncy castles. Minders help to watch over the kids as they have fun at play.

Playful Elves, located at West Coast Plaza, marries Western-style MEGA-sized family entertainment with Asian sensibilities. Packed with a playscape, driving track and a bouncy castle area within a shopping centre, there is something for kids of any temperament here.

The Playful Elves playscape is filled with plenty for kids to explore and experience. There is an observation deck, ball shooters for kids to blast away at their friends, and a ball dump that sends balls cascading like a waterfall down below. That is not all for the playscape also incorporates an obstacle courses with a ‘Shake Shake Bridge’ and ends in a 3 lane wave slide. Unique among indoor shopping centres is the Playful Elves driving range. Here young ones can experience the thrill of riding on both powered cars and Little Tikes Pedal Cars. The track comes complete with lane markings, traffic islands and even a zebra crossing.

Kids that still have energy to burn off can head to the Bouncy Castle. Different castles are brought out at different times, so don’t be surprise if see a different castle each time you go back. Some of the castles even have a second storey slide which kids can climb up to and swoosh down from! Table toys, such as the huge Thomas Trainsets, are also available for kids to play. Little ones can let their imagination run wild and play to their hearts content with these toys.

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With an eye on safety, Playful Elves has Minders within the play area. They help keep a watchful eye over the children at play and help keep the kids out of trouble, sometimes even playing alongside with the children, adding to the fun. There is also a drop-off service at Playful Elves where the kids can have fun in the playground while parents can take some time off to run some errands.

The Playful Elves Forest Cafe located at the front of the establishment allows parents to sit down and watch their kids play while enjoying a beverage. They serve locally roasted beans from Smitten’s and also carry an assortment of cakes including carrot and chocolate cakes. Birthday Packages start from $599 (before GST) for 20 children.

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