Octoburst! 2017: Cloud Man

Santa’s Little Helper Flyer
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Cloudia has always believed in the existence of Cloud Man – extremely rare creatures who live a quiet life high up in the sky. She has dreamt all her life to see one of them.

Follow Cloudia on her journey to the very top of Cloud Mountain, a place where the views always bring surprises – and if you’re lucky, you might see something very special.

From the team that brought you the delightful sold-out run of The Secret Life of Suitcases in Octoburst! 2016, Cloud Man is a 45-minute visual and theatrical treat featuring a blend of puppetry and storytelling in an intimate setting.

Date & Time
6 Oct 2017: 2pm
7 Oct 2017: 2pm & 5pm
8 Oct 2017: 11am & 2pm

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Esplanade Theatre Studio

45 min (no intermission)

Ticket Price: $25

Event Information

Octoburst! 2017: Cloud Man

Start date: 6/10/17 0:00
End date: 8/10/17 23:59

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