Nadam by Little Creatures

Nadam by Little Creatures
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Shik-shik! Brrr…ring! Tock-tock! Hwing!

Nadam is sound. You can hear it in the noisiest cacophonies, or as the softest stream of awareness sneaking into your ear. An immersive performance that brings extra-ordinary sounds to parents and babies alike, babies and their parents are encouraged to “be” with the performers in the moment. The performance is inspired by the philosophies of Heaven, Earth and Man, manifested through the performers’ musical improvisations along with babies’ and parents’ play of sounds. Babies may roam freely in the space, play with sonic objects handed out for them, and move along with the music together with their parents.

For babies 18 months and under.

Dates and Showtimes
16th November 2018, Friday: 3.30pm & 5pm
18th November, 2018, Sunday: 11am & 12.30pm

Age Group
Babies 18 months and under

$25 (1 carer and 1 baby)
$12 additional person


Event Information

Nadam by Little Creatures

Start date: 16/11/18 0:00
End date: 18/11/18 23:59

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