Monkey Goes West

Monkey Goes West
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Round off the year of the Monkey with this holiday musical extravaganza for the whole family, which will take you from Haw Par Villa to Jurong West – by way of a colourful world filled with mythical monsters and naughty fairies.

An affectionate and cheeky retelling of the beloved Chinese fantasy classic, this tells the tale of orphan Ah Tang, who runs away from home after quarrelling with his adoptive family and finds himself transported to a new, strange land. There, he befriends a trio of fellow travellers: Wukong, the cheeky Monkey King; Pigsy, a brave but always-hungry warrior; and Sandy, a stubborn but loyal river ogre. 

Together, the fearless foursome embark on the adventure of a lifetime, one fraught with trials and dangers aplenty. Can they contain the rowdy mischief of the fire-breathing Red Boy? Will they be able to defeat the monstrous shape-shifting King Bull? How in the world will they get their hands on the magic fan of the man-eating Princess Iron Fan? Most importantly, will Ah Tang ever find a place that he can call home, truly?

Event Information

Monkey Goes West

Start date: 18/11/16 0:00
End date: 17/12/16 23:59

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