Invocation of the Gods

Invocation of the Gods
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When one thinks of Hawaii, two things come to mind: aloha and hula.

In Hawaiian, aloha is not just a form of greeting. The term resonates deep with its people and signifies a sacred love and respect for the gods, nature and one another. Aloha is the way of love and life.

One of the earliest forms of sign language in Hawaii, hula is a ritualistic dance accompanied by sacred chants and native music that is passed down from generation to generation. It embodies the historical accounts and mythical stories of Hawaii that speak of the land, the gods, and the beliefs and values of the people.

Opening A Tapestry of Sacred Music 2017 is Halau Hula Ke’ala Kupono Lani, Singapore’s only company of Hawaiian hula dancers.

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Date: Friday, 21 April 2017

Time: 7:15 pm

Duration: 45 min

Venue: Esplanade Outdoor Theatre



Event Information

Invocation of the Gods

Start date: 21/4/17 19:00
End date: 21/4/17 20:00

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