Curious Fish

Curious Fish
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Don’t miss out a wonderful young people dance-theatre performance!

A mysterious sea world deep in the ocean hides rich treasures of gems, minerals, and oil. Dwelling in the lowest layer are strange looking marine denizens with no names.

Down there, sunlight is not missed, and rainbow colors are not prized.  Acoustic pulses dance secret codes through the waves. Only the moonlight can seep through the cracks of the thick water and make everything sparkle like fireflies in the dark. But not for long this blissful calm!

Calling all marine warriors! How do we protect and guard this precious twilight zone?

Hungry mining vessels, treasure hunting underwater submersibles and hordes of spying drones are finding their ways down to the deep ocean layer.


Event Information

Curious Fish

Start date: 4/11/19 11:00
End date: 8/11/19 14:00

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