Bring Some Colour to Hazy, Grey Skies

With the current haze, the latest fashion accessory is now the face mask. What was once seen only on workers and medical practitioners has now become a fashion necessity.

However, most of these masks make their fashion statement in one colour – white.

But who says they need to be so boring? Remember the cutesy masks with Hello Kitty and other cartoon characters that can be spotted overseas? If you are not sure what we are talking about, you can find some examples here.

Colouring Activity for Hazy Days

With the current haze, Jay and Elle are also putting on their N95 masks. However, they need your help to decorate the masks for them.

For a bit a fun at home, download the FREE colouring sheets below and get your kids to help design, decorate and colour Jay and Elle and their masks.

Jay Mask Elle Mask

Send in a picture of the completed mask to us via email at, or post your picture on our Facebook page, tag us @Little Day Out and hashtag #littledayout!

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Get your kids busy and creative today!

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