Editor’s Blog: Get the Most from a Visit to River Safari


This week, with the soft opening of River Safari, another major attraction was added to Singapore.

As we stood by River Safari’s entrance waiting for its opening, things were pretty quiet. Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s officials stood around and members of the media milled about waiting for the proceedings to start. The panda mascots soon made their appearance and visitors patiently waited to have their pictures taken with them.

Suddenly, several long lines of purple started appearing and the chatter of excited voices grew louder. These voices turned into squeals of delight as the panda mascots approached the children dressed in their uniforms. Little arms stretched out to reach for the mascots and the children bounced up and down joyfully as they realised that their excursion to Singapore Zoo was a visit to River Safari on its opening day!

When the time came for the countdown, the children did so enthusiastically. The confetti poppers went off; so did a loud “WOW”!

We overheard someone saying, “Children always bring such excitement and life everywhere they go”. Absolutely. And they brought us much life indeed as we went about our review of River Safari.

Shared experiences with them, whether to a new attraction or somewhere else, is probably the best way to get the most out of any day out!

Have a great Little Day Out!

The Little Day Out team

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