VivoCity: Popular Children’s Playground

Kids Vivocity

In comparison to the massive wet and dry playgrounds in heartland shopping centres, the VivoCity Playground is relatively understated.

Nonetheless, it is hugely popular and is often packed with kids on the weekends.

At the centre of this second floor playground is a small hill which kids can climb up and over. Beneath lies a kid-sized tunnel that even adults can squeeze into.

Vivocity Playground

You won’t find any buckets of splashing water, nor swirly slides or climbing ladders here. Instead, balancing beams, wobbly crawling pipes, fun suspended seats and giddy spinners make up the rest of the playground. And boy, do the kids have a ball of a time with them.

Kids Vivocity

Those seeking to cool off can head to the little fountain play area where small jets of water splash around in neat rows. If these leave you wanting more, there are the huge wading pools just a floor above on the rooftop of VivoCity.

There are many reasons why many families flock to the VivoCity Playground. Here are our top five:

1. Viva VivoCity

VivoCity is Singapore’s largest shopping mall. With so many shopping and dining options, it is a great destination to head out for some shopping or a family meal. Many a dad has probably been left behind to keep vigil over the kids at the playground while mum heads to the shops!

2. Unique Play Environment

The “grassy” knoll, tunnel and the suspended chairs are fun and different. Kids can either play on their own or there are always other kids around to play with. Brightly coloured sculptures, which children can go right up to, line the sides of the courtyard. Water fountains entice toddlers and young children and they are gentle enough for parents can accompany their young charges up to them without the fear of being soaked by a pail of water!

Kids At Play

3. Location, Location, Location

The playground is found on the second floor and right next to the shopping areas. Even if you go there late in the evening (the playground opens till 10.00 pm), you don’t feel as if you are in a far off corner of the mall. In truth, you are right in the centre of it!

4. Parent-friendly

Seats and tables can be found by the side of the playground (although we wished there were more though as they get taken up quickly on busy days). Several restaurants are also located by the edge of the courtyard allowing parents to get a beverage while waiting for their kids. With these options available, the playground is a great place for parents to take a well-deserved break while keeping an eye on their kids scampering about.

5. Baby-friendly Amenities

The baby room is found at the end of the courtyard near the fountains. There is also a nursing room is just a short distance away behind Toys R Us. These amenities make bringing baby and toddler out a breeze.

Baby Room

How To Get There

Click here for more details including the address, map and opening hours. You can also visit the VivoCity’s website for more information.

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VivoCity Playground was voted the Best Free Shopping Mall Playground in the Little Day Out Parents’ Choice 2013 Poll!

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