Enter the World of The Little Red Hen

Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen is an inspiring story of how the main character, Eglantine R. Hensworth, goes about turning wheat into bread.

In the process of doing so, she learns lessons in friendship, helpfulness and perseverance.

I Theatre‘s telling of The Little Red Hen played to sell-out audiences in 2007 and 2008. It has now been brought back to life in 2013 with a wonderful new cast, set and costumes.

Rediscover Meaningful Lessons

Catering to younger audiences, expect to find even more interactivity, energy and colour in this exciting piece of children’s musical theatre. Watch how the Little Red Hen goes about trying to enlist the help of her friends, the Cat, the Goose and the Mouse, in her endeavours to make bread. How will they react to her and will they help her out?

Little Red Hen

Get Active with The Little Red Hen

Story continues below...

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Now, you can get in on the action too with The Little Red Hen activity sheets and more.

Download these activity sheets and engage in meaningful and fun activities based on the story of The Little Red Hen with your kids. There are word games, colouring sheets and other fun crafts that parents can do together with their children.

Get the entire pack of 9 The Little Red Hen activity sheets now!

Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen

Dates: 28th February to 16th March 2013
Duration: 50 minutes with no interval
Venue: Drama Centre Theatre, National Library Building
Audience: Age 3 and above
Written and Directed by Brian Seward
Music by Bang Wenfu

Tickets available through SISTIC.

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