I Theatre’s The Ant and the Grasshopper’s Activity Sheets

AAG Composite

Once there lived three friends. An Ant – who never seemed to have time for play or relaxation. A Grasshopper, with nothing to do all day. And Caterpillar.

All day long Ant would work hard, collecting and storing food in her larder. Grasshopper would laugh, and say. ‘Why do you work so hard? Come, and rest a while. Summer is here; why waste the sunshine in labour and toil?’

Whilst Caterpillar calmly carried on, doing what caterpillars do best…

But Summer does not last long – and soon Winter and the frozen cold will come… What will happen to the three friends then?

I Theatre’s The Ant and the Grasshopper is a fast-paced and interactive musical, full of fun. Based on the famous Aesop’s Fable, audiences will encounter colourful characters, puppets and tuneful, catchy songs.

Now you can buy and download The Ant and the Grasshopper Activity Sheets for fun-filled activities related to this well-known story. Help Ant navigate a maze, spot the difference along with Grasshopper and even colour and make your own ant paper craft.

Download the Activity Sheets and get ready for a creative, fun time with your child today!

AAG Composite

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