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Wild About Niu Year: Singapore Zoo Chinese New Year 2021 Activities

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Kick off the Year of the Ox at Singapore Zoo with the Ankole cattle. Their majestic horns, which are used in defense, measure an average of 2 meters in length and weigh in at over 700 kilogrammes. Known to survive in the harshest of conditions, the Ankole represents resilience and strength.

Singapore Zoo Chinese New Year 2021 Activities

Guests can set out on a trail to put together a festive treat specially created to suit the nutritional needs of the Ankole.

River Safari Chinese New Year 2021 Activities

Next, venture to River Safari to meet sea cows, better known as manatees. Manatees and cows share a similar pastime — both species love chomping on grass.

This Lunar New Year, for the first time, guests can book a unique reunion lunch set amidst the home of the giant pandas.

The curated experience includes a five-course Lunar New Year meal, a guided Giant Panda Forest tour, reserved VIP seating at the Once Upon A River Show and an Amazon River Quest boat ride.

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