Things To Do This Weekend In Singapore: 16 & 17 October 2021

Things To Do This Weekend In Singapore: 16 & 17 October 2021
Image: Gardens by the Bay
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There are all kinds of fun and interesting programmes happening this weekend both home and outdoors. Take your pick from our list of things to do this weekend.

What to Do This Weekend: 16 & 17 October 2021

Ride a Waterbike

What is a Water Bike

Waterbiking is an activity that lets riders “cycle” on water. It is an ideal means to enjoy nature in an environmentally friendly and inexpensive way. Suitable for kids and adults across a wide age range, read more about this fun water adventure here.

Singapore HortFest

Participate in the Singapore Garden Festival Hort Show

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The Singapore Garden Festival Horticulture Show returns with its second edition from 9 to 31 October. Participants can take part in a wide array of online activities such as talks, demonstrations and Facebook live panel sessions. There will also be an e-marketplace for people to shop for plants, gardening and horticultural products. Read more at the link here.

Visit Tulipmania 2021 at Gardens by the Bay

Tulipmania 2021 at Gardens by the Bay: The Origins of Tulips

Surround yourself with tulips and learn more about their wild origins. While we normally associate tulips with the Netherlands, the colourful bulbs have their origins in Central Asia. These “roots” are showcased at Tulipmania 2021 with a focus on the country of Kazakhstan. Read more at the link here.

Enjoy the countryside of Hachinohe

Enjoy the countryside of Hachinohe

Take a virtual tour around the countryside with the train conductors and drivers from Japan in this Japan Rail Fair event. Join the JR East Hachinohe Train Depot for a barbecue with delicious seafood, learn about the local railway and food, and kanpai with “Hassen” Japanese Sake by the beautiful Tanesashi Coast. Read more about this event here.

Visit the Instant Noodle “Playground”

“Slurping Good” Noodle Swing

Singapore’s first instant noodle-themed “playground” exhibition features 13 interactive spaces with two levels. Visitors can go on a slurping good journey of finding their favourite instant noodle pairings while exploring this fun aesthetic space. There is also instant noodle themed merchandise sold at the exhibition store. Read more here.

Pay a Visit to a Family-Friendly Park

Kranji Coastal Nature Park: Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve's Extension

Want to get some fresh air? How about checking out one of the parks in picks of the best parks in Singapore for families. We’ve chosen 15 of our favourite green spots around Singapore. Find out which parks made our short list.

Bazaar In the Garden @ Jurong Lake Gardens

There are tons of activities at this year’s Bazaar In the Garden at Jurong Lake Gardens and this Saturday on 23 of October, there is a whole line-up of activities starting from 8 am. There are storytelling sessions, workshops by experts on how to grow edibles and create your own Bonsai, and guided tours at the gardens (with safe management measures in place). Read more here.

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