The Tintin Shop In Chinatown Is Closing And Offering Discounts Of 30% And More

The Tintin Shop In Chinatown Is Closing And Offering Discounts Of 30% And More
Image: The Tintin Shop Facebook
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Times are tough for retail businesses and The Tintin Shop at Chinatown’s Pagoda Street has announced that it will be closing.

The Tintin Shop in Chinatown Closing

The Tintin Shop Closing
Image: The Tintin Shop Facebook

The news of The Tintin Shop in Chinatown closing was announced on its Facebook page on 25 July 2020. In its message, it said, “We tried our best to negotiate with our landlord to an amount that we could manage for the next 1 year but sadly we were unable to reach a common ground.”

It also expressed its gratitude to fans from around the world who have supported it.

“We would like to say THANK YOU to each one of you. To the Tintin fans coming from all over the world, thank you for making time to visit us during your trip in Singapore. We are truly humbled. And special shout out to all the fans in Singapore! Thank you so much for the love, concern and warm wishes over the last few weeks. We’ve never felt so much love coming from the home ground and truly appreciate it. Do continue to support our local businesses.”

According to the Facebook post, it would still be operating for two to three more weeks at the 28 Pagoda Street location. It invited fans to stop by for a look and to take pictures before it closes its doors.

In response to a question in the comments section if it would be looking for a new location, The Tintin Shop said, “we have only just started to look for potential spaces but it seems like rents are still pretty high all around. So we might be just moving everything to storage if nothing suitable is found”

Fans from around the globe have also expressed their thoughts and memories about the shop.

Tin Tin Shop closing

Many were saddened and disappointed with the news of The Tintin Shop’s impending closure.

Discounts of 30% and More

As it is clearing inventory, The Tintin Shop will be offering discounts of 30% and more. Its online shop,, will continue to operate and the staff will continue to fulfil orders.

Tintin The Black Island
Image: The Tintin Shop

With the sale ongoing, you can purchase a Tintin comic, such as The Black Island, for $20.30 instead of at the usual price of $29.

Box Scenes
Image: The Tintin Shop

Box Scenes are going at 50% off at $40, instead of the usual $80.

Tintin Homecoming
Image: The Tintin Shop

Even the Collectibles are going at 30% off. You can pick up Tintin Homecoming for $329, instead of $470.

So, if you are thinking of heading down to Chinatown to pay a last visit to the Pagoda Street Tintin Shop, be sure to check out the merchandise and memorabilia too.

We wish to owners all the best for the future!