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These are outdoor playgrounds in Singapore.


Sembawang Park and Playground: Fun Ahoy!

Fun playground. Inviting barbeque pits. Clean, sandy beach. Where in Singapore could this be?Located in the north of Singapore, where the road meets the...
West Coast Park

West Coast Park: Adventure Awaits

West Coast Park is the complete opposite of East Coast Park. We are not only talking its geographical location - obviously one is in the...

Yishun Park Playground: Arboretum

What is an “Arboretum”? We came across this word as we were walking around Yishun Park. After a quick Google search, we found out that...
Punggol Point Park: Much More Than A Seaside Stroll

Punggol Point Park: Much More Than A Seaside Stroll

Rustic, idyllic and olden day Singapore is what comes to mind after a little day out at Punggol Point Park. Drive all the way...

Singapore’s Heritage Playgrounds: Relive Your Childhood With Your Kids

Those of us who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s will remember the playgrounds of our childhood. These were mainly constructured with concrete and found...