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StoryFest 2020

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Presented by The Storytelling Centre Limited and The Arts House, StoryFest 2020 is an annual festival that celebrates and showcases a variety of styles, repertoire, and cultural arts presentations of storytelling from Singapore and around the world.

With the theme The Heart of Story, StoryFest Online 2020 invites audiences to experience the power of stories and be inspired to build their own community as they listen to the messages at the core of stories. It will be held from 17 to 27 July 2020.

StoryFest 2020

For StoryFest 2020, there will be local commissions – the Young Storytellers Showcase, ‘A Dance of Stories’ presenting emerging storytelling talents, and The Singapore Showcase, ‘The Heart of Story’ featuring local storytellers and familiar faces from the Singapore spoken word scene. Family Shows at StoryFest Online 2020 promise a participatory treat for all, with plenty of singalong stories and talking animals to look forward to!

The different facets of storytelling will be presented through various talks and presentations by practitioners from Singapore – from exploring mandala storytelling methods, to devising your own personal narrative and discovering anthropomorphism in Literature.

This year, StoryFest 2020 explores the world of puppets with A Puppeteer’s Journey – an interview celebrating a pioneer puppetry expert from Singapore. The Festival celebrates the spirit of The Heart of Story with free online storytelling videos to inspire conversation, the sharing of spoken stories and the creation of a community that is actively engaged in oral tradition.

StoryFest Online 2020 For Families

StoryFest 2020 Online

One of the performances at StoryFest 2020 for families is the Story Picnic. This is a series of four video where you can sing along and enjoy a tale at the Teddy Bears’ annual storytelling picnic. Listen to tales about how Peter Rabbit got Mama Rabbit’s blueberry pie from Farmer McGregor and how Little Red Hen baked bread all by herself.

Another performance for families is The Story Tree.

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