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Singapore Science Festival 2020: Science Made Simple with David Price

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Enrich your weekends with science busker extraordinaire, David Price as he shows us the secret science of water and sound as well as in the most unexpected places! David Price takes us on a learning journey on weekends, live from the UK.

The Wonders of Water
26 July (Sunday)
2pm – 3pm

Science in Unexpected Places
1 August (Saturday)
2pm – 3pm

Music to Your Ears
8 August (Saturday)
2pm – 3pm

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The first fully digital experience in two decades, Singapore Science Festival 2020: Empowered by Science is designed to take participants on a virtual journey to experience, engage and explore the power of science. From 25 July to 8 August, SSF2020 offers over 30 interactive events and activities that you can access anytime, anywhere at!