Rolling @ TAG

Rolling @ TAG
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From 19th April till 19th August 2018, we present Rolling @ TAG, a smart-interactive playspace designed by educator Daiya Aida (Japan).

Rolling @ TAG is an interactive children’s play area, which encourages spontaneous play, and aims to cultivate an environment that prompts children to take ownership of the space and feel comfortable to create their own versions of ‘play’. The design of the space does not conform to straight lines, but rather elevates the play experience through slopes, curved surfaces and tunnels.

The interactive element is further enhanced through media technology, such as simple electronics that creates sounds and lights when triggered. The unique feature of this space is the fact that there are no rules about how you can or should experience the space. Through exploration, children are encouraged to invent new ways of experiencing the space and to interact with other users of the space.

Free admission.

Event Information

Rolling @ TAG

Start date: 19/4/18 9:30
End date: 19/8/18 17:00

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