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8 Easy Painting Techniques To Try At Home

Let your child tap into their artistic side by playing with the medium of paint. There are plenty of art techniques that give various outcomes, allowing kids to explore the vast possibilities of paint as a medium.

Here are eight easy painting techniques that kids can try. We like how they don’t require expensive materials and make use of items that are accessible at home,

Salt watercolour
Bring a unique texture to your paintings with this easy salt technique on your watercolour paintings. It’s often used to portray a snowy background or even give a unique textures on flora and fauna. You can vary the techniques by experimenting with different amounts and textures of salt too. Read more here.

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Watercolor Salt Technique: Create interesting textures with just a sprinkle

Ice painting
Ice painting is a wonderful art activity, especially for pre-schoolers. It allows kids to play with bright colours and also play with the various textures of the ice cubes. These are also great for kids who might not be able to control paint brushes yet and can use popsicle sticks to paint instead. Read more here.

Easy and Colorful Ice Painting Art for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Spin art
Make this fun modern looking abstract piece with some paint, paper and a salad mixer, which can be bought second hand at an affordable price. This is great for developing fine and gross motor skills in younger children as they have to concentrate on their hand/eye co-ordination to successfully spin the salad spinner. Read more here.

Create Spin Art with Kids – No Machine Required

Bubble painting
Bubble painting is a classic children’s art activity. It’s easy, cheap, and the results differ each time. It also doesn’t require a paintbrush and can be done using paint and some dishsoap. Be sure to set up a art space for an easy clean up after. Read more here.

Art pour
If you’ve seen this trendy way art piece, you might want to try it for yourself. This step by step video tutorial walks viewers through the basics that one will need to start acrylic pour painting on a budget with easy to find supplies such as glue and acrylic paint. Read more here.

Marble painting
Marbles are great to play with and this art activity is one that engages the different scences of sight, sound and touch. Little arms might even get a chance to work out. Kids can also experiment with the different patterns that can be made depending on how they move the marbles around. Read more here.

Marble Painting for Kids

Tape resist art
Brighten your home with crisp lines and bright, geometric designs! Alternatively you can let kids use their imagination to create geometric animals or plants to display too. This do-it-yourself Tape Resist art is easy and fun for all. Read more here.

Tape Resist Art with Paint

Vegetable patterns
If you have any vegetables that might be past their time to be used for cooking, waste not and turn it into interesting stamps to be used for art! There are various interesting shapes that can be created using vegetable stems from foods such as carrots, corn and lady fingers. Read more here.

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