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NUS Sports Club’s Virtual Series

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The NUS Sports Club’s Virtual Series is a special Ruby Jubilee project organised by NUS Students’ Sports Club. The series comprises a Run & Swim component and a Run & Cycle component.

NUS Sports Club’s Virtual Series

The series features Sports Club’s very own Ruby Jubilee medals that participants can look forward to collecting. Each component entitles participants to a unique medal that can be stacked with the other 2 medals to form an exclusive Ruby Jubilee medal!

Run & Swim

Run & Swim consists of two categories:

Novice – Swim 350 m & Run 2.5 km
Advanced – Swim 750 m & Run 5 km

Run & Cycle

Run & Cycle consists of the following categories:

Novice – Run 1.5 km, Cycle 12 km & Run 1.5 km
Advanced – Run 3 km, Cycle 18 km & Run 3 km

Do it at Your Own Time

Complete the race requirements between 29 June and 10 August 2020. Upload race proofs and wait for your entitlements.

Early bird fees available till 10 July.

Get more details here.