YewTee Point Nursing Room

     North West Nursing Rooms

    Address: 21 Choa Chu Kang North 6, Singapore 689578
    Location: Level 1

    Key Features:

    • Sink
    • Padded diaper changing mat
    • Hot and cold water dispenser
    • Breastfeeding room – armchair and 3 electrical points

    Size: Medium, accommodates 1 stroller

    Find our MEGA guide to the nursing rooms in Singapore here.


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    The nursing room at YewTee Point is clean, well-lit and decorated with adorable animated characters. Equipped with a sink, padded diaper changing mat and a hot and cold water dispenser, the nursing room has all the necessary family-friendly facilities. There is also a private, lockable breastfeeding room that is comfortably furnished with a large armchair and three electrical points, allowing for nursing mothers to breastfeed or express in peace and privacy. The entire nursing room can be locked from the inside but do note that the sliding door of the nursing room is slightly translucent. As an added security measure, you need to press the intercom to gain access to the room.

    Yew Tee Point Nursing Room Yew Tee Point Diaper Changing Room Yew Tee Point Nursing Room Amenities Inside Yew Tee Point Nursing Room

    Find our MEGA guide to the nursing rooms in Singapore here.

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