Westgate Nursing Room

     West Nursing Rooms

    Address: 3 Gateway Dr, Singapore 608532
    Location: Basement 1, Level 4

    Key Features:

    • Hot and cold water dispenser
    • Sink
    • 2 diaper changing stations
    • 2 breastfeeding rooms – armchair, ledge, electrical point (underneath the ledge) per room

    Size: Large, accommodates more than 2 strollers

    Find our MEGA guide to the nursing rooms in Singapore here.

    Westgate Nursing Room Review

    The family room at Basement 1 of Westgate is clean and decently equipped with a hot and cold water dispenser, a sink, two diaper changing stations and two private breastfeeding rooms. Each breastfeeding room contains an armchair, a ledge and an electrical point (located underneath the ledge). The breastfeeding room is also lockable to allow nursing mothers some much-needed privacy.

    There is also a child-friendly toilet conveniently located next to the nursing room at Basement 1 that also has a foldable diaper changing station and baby holder.

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    The family room at Level 4 is similarly equipped but with two additional sinks and two additional diaper changing stations. There are also more family-friendly facilities located at Level 4, namely a Kids’ Shower.

    Diaper changing room, Westgate Westgate Nursing Room Review Amenities at Westgate Nursing Room

    Find our MEGA guide to the nursing rooms in Singapore here.

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