KINEX Nursing Room

     East Nursing Rooms

    Address: 11 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437157

    Key Features:

    • 3 padded diaper changing stations
    • 2 sinks
    • 3 breastfeeding rooms- armchair and 2 electrical points per room
    • Electric point
    • Hot and cold water dispenser

    Size: Large

    Find our MEGA guide to the nursing rooms in Singapore here.


    Kinex Mall has a large nursing and diaper changing room. There are three padded nursing with individual bins under each of them. There are two sinks available and a hot and cold water dispenser in the corner. Within the room, there are three separate cubicles available for nursing. Two tiers of shelves make it convenient to lay out whatever is needed. The electrical points are also well-placed next to the shelves as well.

    KINEX Nursing Room KINEX Nursing Room Booths Inside the KINEX Nursing Room Booth Amenities at KINEX Nursing Room

    Find our MEGA guide to the nursing rooms in Singapore here.

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