Kaesac Learning Centre Primary Science & Mathematics Enrichment

    Kaesac Learning Centre: Primary Mathematics & Science Enrichment



    We make learning Mathematics and Science easy and enjoyable!

    Kaesac Learning Centre is committed to enriching the educational experience of children and preparing them for a competitive advantage in our ever-changing global environment.

    With 18 years of experience behind us, our Mathematics and Science programmes are carefully designed to enable your child to progress according to his or her own learning abilities, knowing that their advancement is possible and fully supported by our teachers.

    Our weekly Mathematics lessons are 1.5 hr (for Primary 1 – 4 students) and 2 hrs (for Primary 5 – 6 students) per session while Science lessons are between 1 hr and 1.5 hrs per session.

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    For more information on our classes, call 6478 1228 or email kaesac_lc@yahoo.com.

    Check out the fun year-end holiday workshops taking place at Kaesac Learning Centre. Click here now.

    • Opening Hours : Tuesday to Friday: 10.30 am to 6.00 pm; Saturday: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm; Monday, Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed
    • Age Groups : Primary Schoolers.
    • Indoor/Outdoor : Indoor.
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