Isetan Scotts (Shaw Centre) Nursing Room

     Downtown Area Nursing Rooms

    Address: 1 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228208
    Location: Level 4

    Key Features:

    • 3 padded diaper changing mat
    • 2 breastfeeding rooms
    • High chairs
    • Sink
    • Electrical points
    • Hot and cold water dispenser

    Size: Large

    Find our MEGA guide to the nursing rooms in Singapore here.


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    Located on level 4 of Isetan Scotts, the Nursery Room is an area dedicated to family-friendly facilities. Brightly-lit and spacious, the Nursery Room is stroller-friendly so wheel your little ones over if they need a quick feed or diaper change. For breastfeeding mummies, there are two lockable breastfeeding rooms with each room containing electrical points, a cushioned chair and a small side table, perfectly equipped for you to nurse and express in private and comfort. In addition, there are three diaper changing stations, a sink, a hot water dispenser and two high chairs for babies who have started on solids.

    Isetan Scotts (Shaw Centre) Nursing RoomDiaper changing room, Isetan ScottsBaby room, Isetan ScottsFind our MEGA guide to the nursing rooms in Singapore here.

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