IKEA Tampines Nursing Room

     East Nursing Rooms

    Address: 60 Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore 528764
    Location: Level 3 (near to restrooms and ATM machines), Level 4 (next to IKEA Restaurant & Café)

    Key Features:

    Level 3:

    • 2 sinks
    • 2 padded diaper mats
    • Hot and cold water dispenser
    • 3 stroller parking spots
    • Diaper and diaper liner dispenser
    • 2 breastfeeding rooms- armchair, stool and electrical point per room

    Level 4:

    • Sink
    • 2 padded diaper mats
    • Hot and cold water dispenser
    • Diaper and diaper liner dispenser
    • 1 breastfeeding room- armchair, stool and electrical point


    Level 3- Large, can accommodate more than 2 strollers
    Level 4- Small, can accommodate 1 stroller

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    IKEA Tampines Nursing Room Review

    The IKEA Tampines nursing rooms or Babycare Rooms can be found on Levels 3 and 4. Level 3 has a spacious Babycare Room and is well-equipped with two sinks, two padded diaper mats, a hot and cold water dispenser and a diaper and diaper liner dispenser. The large space and facilities allow for several families to comfortably use the Babycare Room at the same time – a reflection of the family-friendly nature of IKEA. There is even an area for parents to park their strollers, up to three at any one time. The Babycare Room also houses two private breastfeeding rooms. Each room is furnished with an armchair, stool and electrical point, all the necessary facilities for nursing mothers. Although curtains can be drawn, do note that privacy may still be compromised.

    IKEA Tampines Nursing Room Nursing Room at IKEA Tampines Diaper changing room, Ikea Tampines

    IKEA Tampines also has a second Babycare Room located at Level 4, just next to the IKEA Restaurant & Café. This Babycare Room is smaller and can only accommodate one family at any one time but it is no less functional. The room houses similar facilities but only has one sink and one breastfeeding room.

    Diaper Changing Room at Ikea Tampines Ikea Tampines Nursing Area Ikea Tampines Room for Mothers

    Find our MEGA guide to the nursing rooms in Singapore here.

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