Esplanade- Theatres on the Bay Nursing Room

     Marina Bay Nursing Rooms

    Address:1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore 038981
    Location: Mezzanine level

    Key Features:

    • Padded bench
    • 2 electrical points
    • Sink
    • Hot and cold water dispenser
    • Padded diaper changing station
    • Breastfeeding room – cushioned armchair, small table and 2 electrical points

    Size: Large, accommodates 2 strollers

    Find our MEGA guide to the nursing rooms in Singapore here.

    Esplanade- Theatres on the Bay Nursing Room Review

    Located at the Mezzanine level, the Esplanade – Theatres of the Bay nursing room is clean, spacious and brightly lit. The nursing room has a large padded bench with two electrical points located nearby for nursing mothers to sit on and use. There is also a hot and cold water dispenser, a sink and a cushioned diaper changing station- family-friendly facilities for parents to do emergency feeds or diaper changes. In addition, the nursing room contains a separate lockable breastfeeding room that is furnished with a cushioned armchair, small table and two electrical plugs. This offers a cosy, private haven for nursing mothers to express or breastfeed, albeit being a little small.

    Esplanade - Theatres of the Bay nursing room Diaper changing at Esplanade - Theatres of the Bay nursing room Esplanade nursing room review

    Find our MEGA guide to the nursing rooms in Singapore here.

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