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Goodman Grows Community Farm Weekend

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Everyone’s welcome on the farm! The Goodman Grows community farm is opening this November with a fun-filled weekend of art, nature, food, earth-friendly wares and more on 27 and 28 November 2021.

The Goodman Grows is a community farm that is cultivating an eco-culture. It is an initiative where artists, food growers and the community converge to explore earth care solutions and impactful art, food, nature and community experiences.

On 27 and 28 November 2021, wander around Goodman Arts Centre as artists throw open their studios to give you a rare glimpse into their spaces. Join one of over 20 creative and gardening workshops, demonstrations and experiences. Have a blast at the Down to Earth Market – with goods specially curated to be good for you and the planet in time for Christmas too!

Exciting Workshops

Exciting Workshops
Friend or Foe workshop

Join varied workshops ranging from visual arts to gardening to upcycling products over the Goodman Grows Community Farm Weekend of 27 and 28 November 2021.

Heroes in the Garden

Explore with James, the bug expert and comic artist, as he leads you through the Goodman Grows Community Farm seeking, identifying, cataloguing and exploring the world of tiny creatures. Discover the characters and quirks of these bugs that will influence your comic creation. Get more details here.

Create a mini Plant Collage

Be inspired by the flora in the Goodman Grows Community Farm to create your own wild plant collage. Take some time to observe the shapes and patterns on leaves and flowers to abstract your favourites organic forms through drawing. We will then head to the studio to assemble a 3d collage so you can bring home your own handmade mini art bouquet. Get more details here.

Friend or Foe

Focused on drawing awareness and appreciation for the range of bugs and insects that live in small green urban spaces such as the Goodman Grows community farm. Children will learn to appreciate sometimes invisible creatures. They will learn special characteristics of different bugs, what different bugs need to survive, explore the web and cycle of life of these creatures and more. Find out more here.

Be sure to book your workshop spots early and discover even more Goodman Grows workshops here.


Composting Demonstration

Nova Nelson, Permaculture Designer, will be sharing about the different composting systems on site. Nova will be covering lessons, tips and hacks to make composting at home or as a community. This demonstration is free with registration.

Make Enzymes – A Demonstration

Join this activity for an introduction to upcycle kitchen waste into an all natural eco-enzyme cleaning solution through a fermentation process. Find out how you can use these eco-enzymes (also known as garbage enzymes) as a multi-purpose liquid in your home and garden. Free with registration.


Letters to the Garden

Be entertained by an array of performances specially curated for different audiences during the Goodman Grows Weekend.

Letters to the Garden

Join a Young Storyteller in the presence of trees and garden plants as you listen to a story of animals and trees. Complete the session with a guided letter-writing activity and share your message as part of a community of letters to the garden. Suitable for children ages 6 years and above. Get tickets here.

Music Jamboree

“Music Jamboree” is a sing-a-long, grove-a-long, jam-a-long and play-a-long session conceived by LittleCr3aturesᵀᴹ! Children get to listen to their favourite songs performed by professional musicians with an array of diverse instruments from the western cello to the Indian frame drum. Get tickets here.

Storytelling through movement and dance

Vasant, the spring season is universally acknowledged as the season of love and longing. In this two-part performance accompanied by interactive story telling, the audience will experience the influence of nature on Indian music, poetry, dance and choreographies. Get more details here.

Discover even more performances here.


Boards and Brushes
Boards and Brushes

Mural Painting Marathon – Feed the Soil and the Soil will feed you

Get involved and join a mural paying marathon. Take part in a mural painting activity that celebrates soil and all it does to support life above ground. “Feed the Soil. The Soil will feed you!”. Register your interest here.

Boards and Brushes

Co-create and contribute a piece of art to the community farm. This hands-on workshop will give children an opportunity to build a DIY spirit. They’ll learn to use a wooden plank as a canvas, think of messages and learn techniques and ways to create images that make impactful images suitable for an urban farm. Sign up here.

Down to Earth Market

Pay a visit to Goodman Grow’s Down to Earth Market – with goods specially curated to be good for you and the planet in time for Christmas too!

Goodman Grows Community Farm Weekend

Goodman Grows Community Farm Weekend

Sat, 27 Nov 2021, 9.30 am to 7.15 pm
Sun, 28 Nov 2021, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm
Where: Goodman Arts Centre

Goodman Grows Community Farm Weekend is presented by Arts House Limited and held at Goodman Arts Centre with Programme Partner Cultivate Central.