Enjoy A Geisha High Tea On Weekends For A Taste Of Japan

Enjoy a Geisha High Tea On Weekends For A Taste Of Japan
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Janice Wong’s 2am:dessertbar has unveiled a high tea series for the 2021. The Geisha high tea series features a range of Japanese-inspired items and will take place on the weekends till 31 March 2021.

Geisha High Tea by Janice Wong

Based on the theme of Geisha or “a woman of the arts”, the special high tea series, which commenced on 9 January 2021, brings a bit of Japanese culture to the weekend dining scene in Singapore.

Temari Sushi

The Geisha High Tea menu features a range of items such as Kakigori Kinkan Vanilla Cream, Chocolate Soba Cha Monaka and the Temari Sushi in assorted flavours of Tuna and Salmon and Scallop.

Geisha High Tea by Janice Wong

There is also dango glazed with passionfruit white miso which diners can grill on a setup that has been sized to the table.

Other items in the high tea set include Kyoto Matcha, Katsu Sando, Ichigo Dafuku, Wagashi and Coffee dorayaki.

Raindrop Cake

There is also the Raindrop cake, a food trend from a couple of years back.

On the Geisha High Tea, Chef and Artist Janice Wong said, “Staying on theme with travel, I wanted to bring a little magic from Japan to Singapore and curate a special experience for guests to enjoy my favourite parts of this special country, which is one I hold dear to my heart.”

Limited Sets available at 2am:dessertbar

The Geisha High Tea and runs every weekend until 31 March 2021 at 2am:dessertbar, with limited sets available each day.

Reservations can be made at 2am:dessertbar online.