Children's Day in Singapore

Children’s Day 2019 in Singapore

Children’s Day used to be celebrated on 1 October but it is now celebrated on the first Friday of October. Children’s Day 2019 in Singapore falls on 4 October. With the PSLE out of the way for Primary Six students, they get to enjoy a Happy Children’s Day indeed. With Friday off from school, it’s a long weekend for kids, which also means more time to have a ball. There are fantastic events, programmes and celebrations taking place. Have a Happy Children’s Day to all our young ones and our young at heart!

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5 Free Things To Do Over The Children’s Day 2019 Long Weekend In Singapore

It is the Children’s Day 2019 long weekend in Singapore. It is time to take some time out and celebrate the joys of childhood. We’ve put together some suggestions of free things to do...

White Elephant Spotted: Make Your Mark On Shelley At Playeum From 4 To 5...

A white elephant normally refers to something cumbersome and unwanted. However, that’s not the case with the white elephant outside Playeum, Children’s Centre for Creativity. Instead, it is something which participants at Make Your...

Children's Day Video Specials

Guess The Childhood Snack

[Video] Guess The Childhood Snack

Think you know your childhood snacks? How many of these can you identify in under 10 seconds? Why not share this story on your social media platforms and let everyone know your favourite childhood...
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[Video] Children Play With the Best Toys Of All Time

What's your kid's favourite toy? We put together some of the best toys of all time (almost all free!) and gave them to kids to see how they would react. Watch and see! Let...

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SWF Playground: Spark Creativity In Kids Through Family-friendly Events At Singapore Writers Festival 2019

What do yummy dim sum, an oil lamp, a wobbly sheep and kung fu-fighting animals have in common? They are all part of the narrative in the 22nd edition of the Singapore Writers Festival,...

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