Birthday Party Zone


Birthday cakes are special.

If you are looking for the best ideas for children’s birthday cakes in Singapore, Little Day Out’s Birthday Cake Gallery gives you ideas on the different amazing and creative birthday cakes for your child.

These cakes may either have been bought from a cake shop, lovingly made at home, or put together by amazing moms and dads for their children.

Be sure to show off your masterpiece as well! Submit your child’s birthday cake to us! See details below.

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Show Off Your Cake! 

If you would also like to show off your child’s cake, whether it was bought from a shop or you made it yourself, send a picture of the cake to us at with the subject “Birthday Cake Gallery” and the following information*:

1. Where the cake is from, i.e. name of shop where it was bought, or if it was home-made.

2. Name and age of the birthday boy or girl.

*It is at Little Day Out’s sole discretion whether or not to publish any submitted images. By submitting a photo to us, you confirm that:

a. you are the owner and have the rights to the submitted image; and
b. you are providing Little Day Out with permission to reproduce the image on the Little Day Out website and social media channels.

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