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Discover the top animal and farm stories in Singapore for families and children, from events to ideas to news that will excite. This your go-to source for things to do in Singapore.


The Live Turtle And Tortoise Museum At Orto: A Close Encounter With Wandering Reptilians

Run by Connie Tan together with a couple of dedicated workers, The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum at Orto is as much about one...

Horsecity Gallop Stables: We Love Horsing Around!

Our family dropped by Horsecity Gallop Stables Bukit Timah for the boys to have pony rides. Asher loves riding Rosie, Singapore Zoo’s resident pony, but Gor...
Milking the Goats at Hay Dairies Goat Farm

Hay Dairies: Hey Hay Bonding

Asher, my three-year-old, was attending a holiday programme at his school. I wanted to spend some one-on-one time with my six-year-old, Zach and I...
Qian Hu Fish Farm: A Fish Named Woly

Qian Hu Fish Farm: A Fish Named Woly

“Mummy, I want a pet.”Zach had been asking for a dog, and I figured a good way to initiate him to the world of...