The Naughty Corner: A Gelato Place To Cool Down In Toa Payoh

The Naughty Corner: An Ice Cream Place To Cool Down In Toa Payoh

Previously located in Hougang, The Naughty Corner has now moved to a cosy space in Toa Payoh. Alongside their gelato, they also offer bubble waffles (also known as egglet waffles) and bubble tea. Its name is a cheeky reference to the “naughty corner” which some parents send their kids to cool off at after a hot tantrum.

No doubt, kids wouldn’t mind being sent to this shop under a HDB block as it is a great place for customers young and old alike to cool down and relax over a cold beverage or dessert.

Cotton Candy, Paddle Pop and Other Ice Cream Flavours

Gelato Flavours - The Naughty CornerThe staff was nice enough to let us sample all the gelato flavours available that day. According to the them, most popular ones are Cotton Candy and Paddle Pop. For us, the flavour that stood out the most was Red Velvet Berry. The texture of this ice cream was almost buttery and the creamy strawberry milk flavoured ice cream was mixed with bits of red velvet cake.

We were wondering if we could find any quirky flavours like the Chilli Crab ice cream, which they will be offering at Eatbox 2020, but had to be satisfied with classics like Cookies & Cream as well as Rocky Road.

However, if you’re looking for quirky drinks, The Naughty Corner offers Pei Pa Koa Milk tea, which despite our adventurous tastebuds, we honestly could not comprehend why anyone would enjoy it. We gave it a pass.

Another interesting item on The Naughty Corner menu is their baby cone which goes for $2. It is great if you’re craving for ice cream but not ready to commit to having a whole cone to yourself.

Neighbourhood Vibes

The ice cream shop puts a literal spin on things as every minimum spending of $10 – you get to spin the wheel and stand to win treats such as a free topping, drinks or even a whole single scoop of ice cream!

This cosy Toa Payoh ice cream café also provides Wi-Fi, so if you’re looking for a place to finish up some work, you can request for the Wi-Fi password from the friendly staff here.

The Naughty Corner, Gelato House, Toa Payoh

Where: Blk 234 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh, #01-278

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